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Home Market Foods : FAQs

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How long can your products be kept refrigerated (defrosted state) before spoiling?

Cooked Perfect Meatballs — Our meatballs can be kept refrigerated for up to 14 days without any concern of spoilage.

Freezer Queen Family Entrées — Our frozen entrées should be kept frozen until placed in the oven or microwave. We do not recommend consuming from a refrigerated or defrosted state.

Where can I find your products in my local grocery store?

Typically, our products can be found in the frozen food section or the frozen meat section. Please ask your local store’s meat manager or frozen food manager for further assistance.

How can I find a store in my area that carries your products?

Please visit our Product Locator page to help you find a store in your area.

Why can’t I find a store in my area that carries any of your products?

Unfortunately, we are not sold in every store. We are constantly working with retailers to gain more distribution throughout the country. Please continue to check the Product Locator page of our website for updates on this matter.

Do you ship your products directly to consumers?

We currently do not ship our products directly to consumers.

Do any of your products contain MSG?

We do not use MSG in any of our products as a flavor enhancer. Rather, through several years of developmental research, we have a custom group of ingredients that we use as flavor enhancers.

Do any of your products contain allergens?

Some of our products do contain allergens and are identified on our packaging. Please review the ingredient statement for our allergen declaration.

What causes “freezer burn”?

“Freezer burn” can occur when a package is not sealed properly and the cold dry air of the freezer draws moisture from the meat. “Freezer burn’ also occurs when frozen food is not kept at a constant 32°F (0°C) or lower and condensation forms inside the bag. This is a common occurrence when frozen foods are thawed and then refrozen.

Is it safe to consume your product if “freezer burn” occurs?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to consume our products if they have “freezer burn” and you should follow the heating instructions as you normally would. However, we do not recommend consuming as “freezer burn” will give all food, not just our products, an off-taste and have a very dry, tough texture.

Your package stated it would contain a certain number of meatballs, but it had less. Why?

Our meatball products are packaged and sold by weight, not by count. The counts that are stated on the bags are approximate.

I followed the given microwave instructions for your meatballs but they were overcooked. Why?

The microwave instructions on the back of the package are for only a portion of the package, and not for the entire bag. If you are cooking more or less than the quantity of meatballs indicated in the directions, the cook time should be altered. Although microwaves and their power levels vary, we recommend that you cook on high and allow 60-90 seconds for every 4 meatballs.

Are all of your products approved by the USDA?

Yes. All of our products are USDA approved and are placed through a robust series of microbiological testing.

I cooked your Freezer Queen entrée according to the directions on the package and refrigerated the leftovers. Is it safe to eat the refrigerated leftovers? If yes, how many days can they stay refrigerated and still be safe to eat?

After being cooked per the directions on the package and properly refrigerated, Freezer Queen entrées are safe to consume for up to 3 days.